ImageWell is a small, but handy, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images and then upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend.  ImageWell also  lets you annotate your images with text, shapes and lines, quickly and easily. There is a lot to discover in this small application - let's get started!


Two Modes

ImageWell operates in two modes - the familiar, small and compact ImageWell window mode that lets you resize, rotate and add a watermark to your image and then 'Send' it to cyberspace, and a new more detailed image editing mode that features an image editing canvas and a full size preview. Switching between modes is a button click away - so just pick your mode to suit your task.


The ImageWell Window

Users familiar with previous versions of ImageWell will recognize this familiar face. New users will learn to appreciate the utter simplicity of this window for everyday image resizing, rotating and sending.


Here's what you can do with this window:


    • Drag your image into the well

    • Rename the image

    • Select either tiff, jpg or png

    • Resize the image

    • Quick crop

    • Adjust the jpg compression

    • See the file size

    • Add a watermark

    • Rotate the image

    • Take screenshots

    • Open and save images

    • Copy/paste to the clipboard

    • Generate a random filename

    • Send via FTP, SFTP, iDisk or WebDAV

    • Plus more!


Are you ready to get started with the basics of editing your images with ImageWell? 


    • Yes - Click here

    • No, I'm a pro and want to skip past the basics. That's ok, just click the topics that interest you in the side navigation. Careful though - there are some amazing tips on each page that you won't want to miss!

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All images used on this website were edited and labeled with ImageWell 3.0. 

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