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DataLore, the unique front end to Spotlight

Search and You Will Find. Explore and Get More Lore.

Lightning Fast Searching, Locally or on the Network

Search and find files on your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and external drives, all at the

same time. Innovative Search-As-You-Type technology lets you find your files fast. Search

filenames, filetypes, file content, date ranges, and more. Narrow your search results using a host of

filters. And don’t just stop there - use the More Lore sidebar to explore and learn more about

your search results and the files within.

If you have one Mac, you'll love DataLore for its speed! If you have more than one Mac, you'll go

GAGA over the speed and flexibility of finding and retrieving files for all of your Macs, while comfortably

seated at your Mac du jour!

DataLore is Lean, Powerful, and Lightning Fast! For both simple searches and for power users

who need the ability to perform complex search queries, quickly, easily, and without interruption...

Look no more - Try DataLore!

Learn more about DataLore   or   Try It For Free   or   Buy For Only $9.95


Your Indispensable Lean Image Editor - One App Does it All!

Fast & Easy Image Editing...Nothing Compares

ImageWell is a powerful, compact image editor for all the simple, everyday image editing that you

need to do. Drag images in and out of the well, resize, crop, shape, rotate, flip, add a watermark, label,

border, drop shadow, plus more. Edit and Send your images and other files to anyone, anywhere,

instantly with one simple click of a button! Just like that, it doesn't get any easier!

Batch process your images, layer multiple images, apply various image filters, take instant screen

shots and annotate them, save your favourite styles, instantly upload to the web, save to your

computer, or email to a friend. And that's not all...there is much more to ImageWell than first meets

the eye. No need to open multiple applications -  ImageWell does it all and for a fraction of the price.

ImageWell is clean, powerful, and xtralean!

CNET's publishers voted ImageWell one of their Top 5 Favourites.  We think

you'll like it too - Say goodbye to opening large heavy-weight applications for all the simple

things you want to do, and discover what ImageWell can do for you!

Learn more about ImageWell  or   Try It For Free   or   Buy For Only $19.95

Need a Website?

ShutterBug is here to help, every step of the way.

Pain-Free Website Creation for Everyone, from Beginners to Seasoned Pros

Create a stylish website in a snap and publish it to the web with one click of a button. Whether it's a

personal site to share your photos, movies, and stories or a professional presence to communicate

your message or create an online store, ShutterBug can help you do it, easily, quickly, and custom

built to your specific needs.

Drag and drop your photos, media files, and pages, input and edit your text and links, edit your photos

and captions, and one click, it's off to the web! Select from more than 80 free, fully customizable

themes or design your very own look with the easy-to-use layout tools. No need to limit

yourself to pre-made templates if you don't want to - the choice is yours. ShutterBug equips you with

the tools you need to create the website you've always wanted, and without needing any

knowledge of HTML or CSS.

ShutterBug gives you true flexibility, control and choice. Don't lock yourself in to cookie cutter

templates and neverending expenses. Remove the constraints and try ShutterBug today.

Learn more about ShutterBug   or   Try It For Free   or   Buy For Only $39.95

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