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Tech support is available by email - or by visiting our discussion boards.  We also welcome any feedback, good or bad, by email or at our support boards - We strive to make ImageWell as good as we can - please provide feedback at either place (not at other sites or download portals) so we can find and process it quickly.


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Release Notes and changes


Version 3.7.3

    • Fixes multiple lines in horizontal and diagonal watermark overlay

    • Fixes bug in ImageWell font collection under 10.5

    • Saves URL type in History window in preferences


Version 3.7.2

    • Fixed problem with upload to ImageShack


Version 3.7.1

    • Added option in Tools menu to turn on/off exif information removal



Version 3.7

    • Now requires OS X 10.4 or better

    • Uses new 10.4 image readers for faster image loading

    • Preserves exif data in images


Version 3.5.3

    • Moved canvas size UI controls to make them easier to find

    • Fixed cropped batch mode bug



Version 3.5.2

    • Added X and Y offsets to Watermark feature

    • Added crop/size aspect control (1:1, 4:3, 16:9)

    • Fixed File->Save for using ImageWell as an external editor in iPhoto


Version 3.5.1

    • added max and min size to templates

    • imageshack upload will copy URL to clipboard

    • work around for sips error problem in Leopard

    • fixed problem with batch processing to an alias folder

    • icc user profile back door function

    • auto correction of typos in serial number


Version 3.5

    • Free version discontinued, ImageWell now paid product and Xtras are now included.

    • sharpness filter added

    • fixed bug in Leopard where image could not be dragged out

    • added two new shapes

    • double click on History item will open it in browser

    • ImageWell accept first mouse clicks

    • Return key or click outside crop will finish crop mode

    • Removed old legacy 1.0 preferences that confused new users

    • moved show object edge/center check boxes to edit window


Version 3.4.3

    • added automatic color conversion for images with ICC color profiles

    • fixed copy/paste image in Edit mode


Version 3.4.2

    • tab key now work to select next control


Version 3.4.1

    • bug fixes for reading transparent pngs, 16bit and CMYK tiff images

    • fixed ImageShack upload problem


Version 3.4

    • brightness, contrast and saturation

    • undo/redo function

    • inside borders for images

    • new spin box controls



Version 3.3.1

    • Fixed problem where image could not be dragged out of well

    • new right click menu items to add images and screen grabs to Edit canvas


Version 3.3

    - Leopard compatibility

    • Added Automatic check for updates

    • Added 'Favorites' for saving draw objects (Xtra)



Version 3.2.6

    - Fixed bug where Watermark text transparency was not saved

    • Russian Localization added

    • iLife '08 capatibility

    • Fixes to templates with incorrect image sizes


Version 3.2.2

    • Fixed URL text box in FTP locations setup (3.2.1)

    • Fixed bug in drop shadow controls for text


Version 3.2


    • Added flickr, SmugMug and ImageShack to list of export locations

    • New font panel for text editing, and font collections

    • User can define tags for copying to clipboard

    • ImageWell does not open the last image edited on launch anymore

    • fixed bugs in Cropping

    • turned off 'Always send jpgs' to server with fresh install



Version 3.1


    - Alternate ports can be set with SFTP/FTP

    • Fixed Problems with images at certain DPI settings


Version 3.0.5


    • '+' button in Locations panel will copy selected location settings when adding new location

    • compatible with Apeture/iPhoto edit with external editor feature

    • fixed bugs in Watermarking that caused slow downs and crashes


Version 3.0.4


    • File->Save As... will save to folder in batch processing mode

    • Clear menu option added to File->Open Recent

    • Clear option added to History list

    • Czech localization added


Version 3.0.3


    • Fixed some quirkiness with crop/resize UI in editor

    • Fixed PNG output that produced white line at top of image

    • Swedish translation update


Version 3.0.2


    • jpg quality slider fixed in batch mode

    • fixed bug where pdf images where upside down

    • background defaults to transparent for pngs/tiffs (instead of white)

    • bold/italics keyboard short cut fixed

    • templates have better control over sizing

    • test for missing unix commands (if BSD subsystem was not installed in 10.3)


Version 3.0.1


    • fixed bug with canvas background color well not enabled

    • fixed bug in batch mode - template resize image incorrectly

    • fixed bug with some FTP servers not working with warn before overwrite


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All images used on this website were edited and labeled with ImageWell 3.0. 

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